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Private Property is “virtually” number one

At Private Property, our mission is to be the best digital marketing platform for estate agents and private sellers, and all the other players in the property industry.

To aid this, we have built a network of professional virtual tour photographers, which enables us to service customers countrywide within a reasonable turnaround time. To achieve this level of service, our photographers drive over 30 000km and film more than 1 000 virtual tours a month. Added to this, our virtual tours are manually stitched, which ensures the best quality for our browsers and estate agent partners.

Private Property's professional virtual tour photographers film more than 1 000 virtual tours every month.

Private Property’s professional virtual tour photographers film more than 1 000 virtual tours every month.

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about with these virtual tours …

  • Better visual experience – potential buyers get better quality information from listings.
  • Higher ranking – quality listings mean a higher ranking on search results and notifications.
  • More views – Higher rankings mean more potential buyers see the listings.
  • Added online exposure – We convert virtual tours to videos and upload it to YouTube – the world’s biggest search engine after Google.
  • More leads – more potential buyers see the listings so more leads are generated.
  • Better strike rate – A quality listing generates quality leads.
  • Saves time and money – agents spend less driving around with potential buyers who don’t know what they want.
  • Better turnaround time – shorten the time between the first introduction to a property to signing the contract with the buyer.
  • Floor plan – All our virtual tours have a floor plan included, giving browsers quality content.

And all this for a great price that is lower than the average rate in the industry! In short, Private Property gives the best quality virtual tours at the lowest cost in the shortest turnaround time.

This graph depicts the average number of leads for properties listed on our site with virtual tours compared to properties without virtual tours.

VT vs Std Listing

On the Private Property website, listings with virtual tours receive, on average, 83% more leads than those without.

The results are clear: properties with virtual tours generate many more leads than those without.

Our virtual tours are compatible with most systems and browsers. The list includes: Mobile Safari on iOS devices, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and soon we will also cater for all android devices.

Private Property prides itself on offering our browsers quality content and the best online experience while offering our customers affordable online exposure. So let us take over the admin and technical challenges associated with digital marketing.

Give us a call on 087 375 1000 or email if you want to add a professional virtual tour to a listed property or if you require more information about our virtual tour package.

Make your marketing budget work hard – invest in a billboard banner

Private Property’s billboard banner subscription places your branding on specific pages, positioning you as an area specialist and acting as a mandate acquisition product – as well as helping you to attract the best agent talent to your agency. This is the best, most high-profile online branding opportunity available.


How does a billboard banner work?

  • It appears as the header banner on any page for the month of the subscription
  • A billboard banner features an agency’s branding and a short slogan
  • The slogan can be changed every month
  • When a browser clicks on a billboard banner, he will be redirected to the agents’ page on
  • The agents’ page shows all properties and agents
  • A billboard banner features at the top of the first page of searched suburbs and is not repeated on subsequent pages
  • Billboard banners can be purchased for single suburbs (eg, Umhlanga Rocks) but not for higher-level areas (eg, Umhlanga, which contains multiple single suburbs)
  • Higher-level areas (eg, Umglanga) do not feature billboard banners – instead, such pages feature an area specialist section on the right-hand side of the page, which shows all the billboards in that area
  • If one agent owns billboard banners for every single suburb that makes up a higher-level area, then that agent’s billboard will appear instead of the area specialist feature
  • There is no limit on the number of billboard banner subscriptions that an agency may purchase
  • Suburbs are priced according to activity – high-volume browser areas are priced at a premium

The numbers speak for themselves!

Private Property invests a lot into researching consumers’ impressions of our products and you’ll see below how well our new site is working compared with the old.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the fact that we’re now getting more weekend “hits” than ever before. In fact, these browsing numbers top those for during the week. So when you get new listings, make sure you advertise them by Friday to get the most bang for your buck.

Here are some more facts on our new improved site …


  • The bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site
  • The bounce rate of the new site has improved by 14% from the old site – more people are viewing more pages


  • This is the number of pages that a specific browser opens during a single visit to the site
  • The number of visited pages per user on the new site has increased by 13% from the old site

page per visit graph



  • The average visit duration refers to the average amount of time that a browser spends on the site.
  • This has improved by nearly 8% from the old site to the new.




  • The conversion rate relates to the number of pages visited compared to the number of leads generated off the site
  • The average conversion rate has improved by 8% from the old site to the new


Your clients love Private Property’s new site!

Private Property’s million-or-so monthly browsers are using our new site’s “feedback” capability to tell us what they think. Here are some randomly selected comments:

  • “I spend a lot of time browsing property websites. I’ve been to them all and I have to say this is by far the best.”
  • “Fantastic new site! Great user experience, visually stunning and fast.”
  • “Love it! Doing it blog-style ushers in a feeling of familiarity. I like the look and layout – it works for me!”
  • “I want to commend the team on the changes to the site. It looks really good, and is also very easy to navigate.”
  • “The new website is absolutely lovely and has a warm feel! It makes me want to house-hunt all day.”


And this is what other agents have said …

  • “Your new website is stunning, easy to use and great for all. Thanks.”
  • “It looks great and seems to work well.”
  • “Awesome site – love everything!”


What do you think? Please let us know what works for you (and what doesn’t) by clicking here.

New Private Property iPad app jumps to number one download

Private Property’s new iPad app, designed in conjunction with the company’s all-new websitebecame South Africa’s number one free app in terms of downloads – within a week of its release.

Released on 1 June, this second version of Private Property’s iPad app sat at the top position of the SA app store’s free “general” category within a few days. To date there have been more than 22 000 downloads and upgrades of this version and, with more than 76 000 active users, it remains one of the country’s top lifestyle apps.

The app allows house-hunters to find their next “pad” via a text, location-based or suburb navigation search. The team designed the app to enable browsers to access their favourite tools from anywhere in the app using the nifty all-new slide-menu.

Private Property’s COO Simon Bray says that the technical design gives browsers easy access to Private Property’s estate agents, private sellers and landlords by means of an in-app feature that not only provides contact details and allows direct messaging but also enables browsers to easily search for an area’s top agents with the Find Agents feature.

Additionally the app has an elegant and simple design makes it “intuitive and fun to use”.

The development period was a great team effort, he says. “I am delighted to see the response. With distinct design changes to an interface that is familiar to many users, there is bound to be a period of adjustment, but our objective in every area has been to improve the overall user experience. We want buyers, sellers, renters and agents to be engaged and enabled.”

He also points out that that users have quick access to their most recent searches directly off the app’s home page.



Simon says that the process of searching for a new home should be “awesome”.

“People should be inspired when looking for their next home and so we’ve found ways to make the whole process easier. Whether they’re planning to buy or rent, the Private Property iPad app will inspire the search and ensure that they find the home of their dreams.”

All of Private Property’s listings are detailed and up-to-date with comprehensive photo galleries, and most have walk-through videos and 360° virtual tours – features that are supported on the app.

Private Property is renowned for using technology to transform the local property industry, and has been an innovator in the South African digital property space since its inception.

Features to come soon include:

  • A “wish list
  • Saved searches that generate push notifications to browsers whenever suitable properties are loaded
  • A log-in and register capability
  • A facility that enables sellers and landlords to load their listings onto directly via the app.

The iPad app is free to download and use. Simply search for it in the app store.

Log on to to browse the completely re-designed and re-engineered site.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 4.28.49 PM


Be moved

We have a new home – a brand-new website that we built to make the property search an awesome experience for your clients. Please browse our site, and let us know what you think of our new digs!

We’re obsessed with the idea of taking the stress out of listing your stock. Changing stress to success makes up happy – and we’re sure that it pleases you too.

But we’re as passionate about pushing the boundaries … ensuring that we’ll be better tomorrow than we are today. We’re constantly working to help accommodate all the information you need to create the best listings possible; information that is intuitively presented and prettily packaged.

Our first goal is to make it easier for buyers and tenants to find their perfect homes and start talking to you – the agents. Our second goal is to deliver consistently outstanding service. Because we really love it when you’re happy.

We’re inspired by property. But we’re also inspired by our people and the quality of service that we offer.

In the words of the late Steve Jobs, “here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the square pegs in round holes”. Our people mostly fall into these categories. They keep it interesting. But they’re also at the top of their game: qualified and experienced specialists who are passionate about what they do. So, our site is functional and practical. But it’s also beautiful and fun.

We can’t be the portal of choice if our quality is sloppy, and so we strive to publish awesome content. And that’s why we demand the highest standards from you. We want our browsers to fall in love with their new homes at first sight – while viewing it online, in their slippers if that’s their regular browsing attire. But we can only do this with your help.

Visit now!

And if you think we’ve missed something, our team is waiting to talk to you – call 087 375 1000 or email

Want exposure? Invest in a Billboard!

  • A Billboard features an agency’s branding and a short slogan
  • The slogan can be changed every month
  • When a browser clicks on  a Billboard, he will be redirected to the agents’ page on the new Private Property website
  • The agents’ page shows all properties and agents
  • Billboard stats are tracked to show return on investment
  • A Billboard features at the top of the first page of searched suburbs and is not repeated on subsequent pages
  • Billboards can be purchased for single suburbs(eg Umhlanga Rocks) but not for higher-level areas (eg, Umhlanga, which contains multiple single suburbs)
  • Higher-level areas (eg, Umglanga)  do not feature Billboards – instead, such pages feature an Area Specialist section on the right-hand side of the page, which shows all the banners in that area
  • If one agent owns Billboards for every single suburb that makes up a higher-level area, then that agent’s Billboard will appear instead of the Area Specialist feature

billboard banner image

Get seen first – Ranking on

Have you checked out our new site yet? You really should!

It contains a bunch of nifty features that we’ve built to help you gain visibility and move more stock, faster:

  • A world-first “listing score”
  • A “featured listing” component
  • A “featured agent” system

Want to ensure that your listings appear most prominently? Check out how the listing score works …

Click to enlarge image's listing score

It’s a party! And you’re invited!

We’ve built a brand-new website to help you better showcase your listings. We had fun building our new “home” and hope that you find it fun and easy-to-use. See how we’re celebrating our housewarming!


Product news: Featured Listing

Be seen first, be seen often!

Our Featured Listing product is an easy-to-use ranking-beater for when you as an estate agent really need to highlight a property.

featred listing is unique in the property advertising landscape for one key reason: we score listings based on quality of content. This browser-centric approach promotes your great-quality stock to our hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. Our ranking system rewards listings for having enhanced visuals like virtual tours and videos, and for those tough-to-find but valuable pieces of information like rates or floor area.

But we know that sometimes even the best content isn’t enough – you want to make sure your listing is seen first and seen often. Featured Listing does exactly this. It’s a shortcut to the top of the list results. This means you now have a way to really show off your extra-special properties.

You can use a Premium Listing slot to feature any of your properties at any time. If you don’t have the time to do the stocking then we’ll automatically stock your slot with your best quality listing, thereby ensuring that you always get the maximum value from the marketing budget that you entrust to us.

To find out more, or to book a Featured Listing slot, please contact Raakhee.