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The Featured Property

Wow!! What a bumper year this has been for us at Private Property.

We have been hard at work searching for new improved ways for agents to market their properties and get better results than the “old” traditionally expensive options. Our new “Featured Property” addition to the array of products we already have has taken off brilliantly. Although we are still running the product in a BETA phase it is already clear that this product will be a winner for any agent.


We have often been asked for a feature on the site that will allow an agent to “beat” the property ranking and promote a listing to the top of the results page. Well………. Here it is!

When used correctly, this new product will really help an agent in many ways. We are of the opinion that you as an agent now have the ability to really boost the exposure on a property significantly by promoting it as a Featured Property.

We see this product becoming an important part of the agents mandate offering. Imagine being able to add this as a selling tool to your mandate offering for a potential seller? For a nominal fee you now have the ability to expose your seller’s property to the widest buying audience in SA. Remember, you will only get billed for views on the property “after” buyers have filtered their search result to include your property. So, if buyers are looking for a property and yours matches their search… then it’s really impossible for them to miss your listing on our site.  Further, we think that this product is perfect for a “sweetner” to convince your seller to renew your mandate for an extended period. How better to boost the attention on an older listing than to put it on show as a featured property? Please contact your Private Property Account Manager for more information.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal support over the course of 2011. Let me assure you of our endless enthusiasm to continue bringing your new innovative options! Our goal is to make sure you find buyers and sellers and help to improve our industry and its efficiency! We are committed to this cause!

I wish you a happy festive season and HAPPY SELLING!!

Mark Coetzee

National Sales Manager – Private Property


Mark Coetzee, Sales Manager

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